INK Games

INK Games is on a mission to build the world's best mobile games and help billions of users get paid for playing and sharing them.

Star Shoutout

Star Shoutout delivers personal fan experiences to enhance lives and bring joy. Transactions on the platform inspire positive interaction with Stars, Fans, and Charities bringing awareness and impact across communities.

Akron Polymer Solutions

Akron Polymer Solutions (APS) develops state-of-the-art materials utilizing a blend of science, technology, and collectively deep expertise. We have formulated a nanomaterial, called Prophene™, which exhibits extraordinarily beneficial properties when applied within the rubber/tire market, and it exhibits similar capabilities within other industries. 


Adapy builds innovative solutions for the disabilities and mobility market. Their wireless lift mobile solutions are making life easer for people with disabilities. 


We have many projects that we are engaged with as owners, investors, advisors or developers. Here are a few projects that are ongoing at Disruptive Force.