David Werner

Founder & Chairman


David Werner is an esteemed pioneer in the realm of Internet technologies, boasting an impressive career that spans over twenty five years. His journey in the professional world began in New Mexico, where he made his mark as a licensed real estate broker and investor in the early 90's. In 1996, Werner embarked on a groundbreaking venture by founding his first fin-tech Internet company from his home. This initiative was driven by his ambitious goal to harness the Internet's potential to revolutionize real estate and mortgage practices. His innovative automation model for online mortgage production not only achieved remarkable success but also set a new standard for the industry, significantly boosting revenue and establishing his company as a technology frontrunner.


Under Werner's strategic leadership, the mortgage sector witnessed the inception of its inaugural automated B2B secure web origination CMS platform, aptly named "The Virtual Lender." This platform, from 1998 to 2010, was instrumental in facilitating web-based mortgage loan origination for over 14,000 companies across the United States, encompassing a diverse clientele of bankers, brokers, and credit unions. With more than $200 billion in online loan production processed through his systems, Werner's company emerged as the nation's leading platform aggregator.


Werner's exceptional contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed. In 2009, he was recognized as a Utah Top 40 under 40 Rising Star by "Utah Business Magazine," a testament to his innovative achievements and leadership prowess. His expertise extends beyond the mortgage industry, as he has played a pivotal role as an advisor and founder for numerous companies. His ventures range from developing straightforward marketing solutions to crafting intricate marketing and mobile enterprise applications, including ventures in direct sales social engagement platforms and pioneering Crypto-Blockchain technologies.


A respected thought leader, Werner has lent his insights and expertise at various prestigious symposiums, serving as a Chairperson, featured speaker, and workshop leader. His engagements include events organized by the National Mortgage Bankers Association, The International Quality & Productivity Center, The Advanced Learning Institute, Access Seminars International, the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, and Bitcoin Profits Training Systems. His forward-thinking perspectives and industry-leading knowledge have been featured in several top publications within the fintech, entertainment, and banking sectors, further solidifying his reputation as a visionary in his field.


William Sickert

Partner / Advisor


Bill Sickert stands out as a multifaceted professional with exceptional qualifications in Business, Law, and Nutrition (CNC), showcasing a unique ability to drive innovation across varied technical domains. His diverse credentials underscore a capacity not only for interdisciplinary mastery but also for pioneering disruptive solutions in complex environments.


From his early years in St. Joseph, Michigan, Sickert has been acknowledged for his literary talent, a journey that began with accolades in writing competitions during grade school. His prowess as a writer was further affirmed through prestigious awards, including the West Publishing Award and the Sigma Delta Kappa Law Foundation award in 1996 for his insightful article "An Attorney's Guide to Managed Care Liability." His contributions to the field of nutrition, particularly through the NutraMinder™ newsletter, have been instrumental for leading supplement companies striving to articulate intricate nutritional concepts clearly and effectively.


Sickert's influence extends into publishing with his book "WATER," released by Active Interest Media in 2008. The book's selection by Better Nutrition and its distribution across over 12,000 health food stores nationwide mark significant achievements in his career. His tenure in direct selling has not only resulted in executive success but also garnered him features in prestigious publications like PROSPER Magazine and Success From Home Magazine. His strategic collaboration with Kawasaki USA led to the development of a training and resource plan for the Coast Guard and Navy Seal drug interdiction operations, showcasing his ability to apply his expertise in real-world, high-stakes situations.


Sickert's innovative spirit is further exemplified by his receipt of the WEST Publishing Sigma Delta Kappa Award and his authorship of "An Attorney's Guide to Managed Care Liability," a pivotal resource aiding senior citizens and families with special needs in navigating insurance challenges. This work demonstrates his commitment to leveraging his comprehensive legal and nutritional knowledge for the betterment of disadvantaged communities.


Attributing his disruptive acumen to his formative educational experiences, particularly a specialty class titled Marketing Theory Seminar, Sickert has successfully translated theoretical knowledge into substantial commercial success. His strategic insights have contributed to over a billion dollars in supplement sales for renowned companies such as Barleans Organic Oils, Garden Of Life, Brevail, Penta Water/AquaPhotonics, Xowii, Allied Health, and beyond, spanning industries from technology to media. Bill Sickert's career is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary expertise and innovative thinking in creating impactful solutions across diverse sectors.



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